Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hashrocket and Tweeblocker News Spot

I'm really excited about the success of Tweetblocker and for being fortunate enough to be part of the team at Hashrocket. So far we've received great write-ups from Mashable and Read Write Web. Tonight Tweetblocker earned us a spot on our local news station Action News Jax. (You can see the video on their website just to the right of the story.)

We're most excited about the response the application has gotten from the twitter community. We've been getting a lot of ideas and feedback. If you have feedback or ideas on Tweetblocker please checkout our User Voice Page and message us on Twitter.

We also appreciate the support and understanding we've seen as the app has grown extremely fast and we had to scramble to stay ahead of the growth. In the past couple weeks since release we have grown from fewer than 200 users to just over 6,000 and are still seeing a strong daily uptick in that number.

We had a great phone call with some of the powers that be at Twitter. They have some new features coming out around their api and the data they make available which will give us more to work with as we improve Tweetblocker's ability to decipher the spammers from the legitimate Twitter users so stay tuned and keep fighting the good fight!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Regex Cards: How I'm Learning Continued

Continuing on with keeping my technical vocabulary sharp I've posted my Regex 101 study cards. Available in Keynote and Powerpoint formats so pick your flavor. As always input on refinements and additions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and credit to Stephen Caudill for some great instruction on more complex Regex's and for introducing me to Rubular.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cheat Sheets to check out

A quick list of cheatsheets that other folks have been kind enough to put together and thought I'd share:

Git - Credit Zack Rusin
Probably one of the most useful cheat sheets for me.

Rails.vim - Credit Morohashi Kyosuke
This one is a bit incomplete/out of date, but since the site is in Japanese I wasn't able to check for an update.

Vim - Credit

Ruby on Rails - has quite a few useful cheat sheets.

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